Android app publishing in the real world

I have my code in Bitbucket and have been using Microsoft’s AppCenter for analytics and error analysis on my Ios and Android Xamarin app (  Now I have connected bitbucket to AppCenter so I can manually trigger builds based on any commit (or automatically).  The problem is that the AppCenter doesn’t want to build my .aab (Android App Bundle) even thought my .apk works nicely – signing process and everything so I am left with old fashioned steps (note to self):

  1. Release build the .aab locally
  2. Sign using this command (without the -sigalg and -digestalg as the default seems to work for me): Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 15.31.29
  3. Upload the .aab to the PlayStore

Hoping that the AppCenter fixes this soon, I am not getting any clear error messages and Goggling hasn’t helped me much on this issue – so bypassing AppCenter for builds for now as time is of essence to get this in the hands golfers 🙂

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