Mac: Unable to configure HTTPS endpoint. No server certificate was specified, and the default developer certificate could not be found or is out of date.

For 3 hours I was dealing with the title error nothing seems to work until I read the answer from hikrikunen where the key was deleting the localhost certificates in the system keychain and then running dotnet dev-certs https –clean and then dotnet dev-certs https -t Uptil the point of deleting the localhost certificates, the

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EF6 core – reset migrations during development

In development and while testing various things in EF6 core – I tend to end up with a lot of migration garbage which occasionally I have to take out. This is how it’s done #notetoself Delete all *. cs files in the Migrations Folder. Delete the _MigrationHistory Table in the Database Delete all database tables subject to the migration

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Blazor OnClick doesn’t fire

#notetoself … Once again, scratching my head for way to long about something that turns out to have a simple workaround #devlife On one of my (new) blazor pages (/Bookings/TeeTimes), onclick event was not firing. Didn’t matter what kind of flavour of onclick declaration I used, the event was not getting fired. Until of course

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TechTalk – Tænispjall í hádeginu eftir 14. daga

Við erum live c.a. þriðja hvern þriðjudag (þri-þri – auðvelt að muna) en hina 1-2 þriðjudagana á milli munum við hita upp með einhverju skemmtilegu myndskeiði sem leiðir okkur að efnisatriði næsta fundar. Sjáumst “live” eftir 2 vikur.

Docker networking #notetoself

Networking List network setup: docker network ls List: docker network inspect -f ‘{{range .IPAM.Config}}{{.Subnet}}{{end}}’ [networkid] List IPs of all containers.  docker network inspect -f ‘{{json .Containers}}’ [networkid] | jq ‘.[] | .Name + “:” + .IPv4Address’ View host setup: docker exec [nameofnode] cat /etc/hosts Running a named container: docker run -name api1 -p 8080:80 gcp-api

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SqlException: Invalid column name GolferId

EF6 Core – reconfiguring navigation properties, the runtime was complaining about a column GolferId being missing (invalid database column). Took me a minute to figure out and remember the default foreign key dependency naming convention in EF. Sometimes these frameworks are a bit too intelligent for my taste. Turns out the EF was guessing that

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Migrating from DB first EF6 to EF core

Continuing my framework move from .net framework 4.8 to .net 5 (Preview7) I obviously have to take the step moving from a framework Entity Framework to EntityFrameworkCore. A few notes to self regarding the upgrade. The old context generation doesn’t make sense any more. EF core understandably doesn’t have the design options 4.8 (EF 6.2)

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Xamarin.Forms Messaging center failing silently

I had a problem with Xamarin.Forms MessagingCenter – as sometimes the messages disappeared. Code that on most occasions worked nicely failed silently and from debug output – the messages never reached the subscription methods. What I eventually found out was happening (after days of frustration) was that one of the subscriptions was updating the UI

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APK signertool issue -Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions of up to 52.0

NOTE TO SELF: Signing packages failed. java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/android/apksigner/ApkSignerTool has been compiled by a more recent version of Java Runtime(class file version 53.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions of up to 52.0 Confirmed Solution: . I solved it removing version 30.0.0 (rc2) of android build tools   


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