– Software Development – Ráðgjöf í upplýsingatækni og hugbúnaðarþróun – Ráðgjöf leiðbeinir fyrirtækjum um undraveröld upplýsingatækninnar og tekur að sér hugbúnaðarverkefni á Íslandi.  Við höfum aðgang að öflugum hugbúnaðarteymum og erum sérfræðingar í að móta verkefni skynsamlega og stýra þeim í örugga höfn. Hafðu samband, tökum kaffispjall og sjáum hvort við getum ekki hjálpað þér.

Welcome to Center Software!

Center Software is a software development organisation. We have extensive experience in

  • Software Project Management.
  • Microsoft full stack development (c#,, .net Core, EF6 MsSQL)
  • Mobile development (Currently focusing on Xamarin)
  • DevOps tools and processes (CI/CD)
  • Software development contract and cost management.
  • Software process improvement & metrics supported supported development.

Center was created by Geir Sigurður Jónsson (geir[at] Geir is graduate from the University of Iceland, with B.Sc. in Business Administration and M.S. in Computer Science. Geir has over 20 years experience in software development, software project management and development team leadership.

linkedin_logo Geir Sigurður Jónsson on linked in

Project Management

Team leadership is of prime importance in keeping software projects running on schedule. A team leader must understand what makes the development team ticks, understand the actual work (design and coding) and have the planning and tracking experience to fully understand the progress. Center helps teams find new ways to better self-sustainability and effectiveness.

Software Development

Combining inhouse project and product planning experience Center develops server, client and mobile software solutions for customers. We specialise in using Microsoft (WCF,, C# and Entity Framework) and mobile (ReactNative, Xamarin, Flutter) technologies.

Process Improvement

Center Software helps organizations to improve process transparency and implement practices that help planning and tracking activities. The development process is demystified so that all stakeholders can actively take part in managing the expected outcome of the software development value chain.

Currently Center Software is focusing on the development of the online golf community for clubs and golfers.  Technically, is …

  • An Open API for golf developers – taking care of all the backend hardship when you want to focus on impressive front end development features.
  • A Xamarin mobile client, available in the AppStore and PlayStore.
  • A Blazor website – being launched middle of january (around the 20th).

The client implementations might be open-sourced soon.

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