MAUI build problems – ready for production? Absolutely not!

Spent the Sunday from (7:30 this morning – 18:30) dealing with build problems on Visual Studio for Mac – trying to build Maui. I built perfectly at 7:30 then something went horribly wrong (all code changes were rolled back, but that didn’t matter)

I have mentioned before that the dotnet tooling in VS on Mac it totally unpredictable and the quality of the Studio and plugins is mysteriously horrible.

So for the sake of web-indexing this article, “Is dotnet Maui production ready?” Absolutely not on Mac. Building solutions in Blazor (webassembly and server) is doable on mac using Visual Studio Code. Get used to work without code completion and strange indexing error and help in the UI – but with a deep barrel of patience – it is doable. (Have been developing in the Microsoft stack since 2002 and the current situation is the worst I have seen)

Can you develop Maui on Mac yet? Absolutely not! Dealing with build errors and strange behaviours in the build cache and some kind of memory caching is ok when you have a long-running development support community. Bugs tend to get fixed and internal testing usually covers developers ass when it comes to introducing new bugs on every change. Not so much the case with this environment.

My favorite build error of the day is that if you choose to embed a config file in a subfolder (e.g. /Resources) it results in this build error.

/usr/local/share/dotnet/packs/Microsoft.iOS.Sdk/16.4.7054/tools/msbuild/iOS/Xamarin.Shared.targets(3,3): Error: /usr/bin/codesign exited with code 1:
/Users/myname/Code/MyCode/clients/ code object is not signed at all
In subcomponent: /Users/myname/Code/mysolution/clients/ (

The tail of the stack is irrelevant – just depends on what dlls are included. Tracing this to the embedded file took a long time … and left me writing this banter of an article to share sympathy with anyone in this situation.

If you are thinking about going with Maui on Mac – don’t! (I have no clue if it works on windows)

If you are stuck with Maui like me – tough luck! LOL 🙂

One thought on “MAUI build problems – ready for production? Absolutely not!

  1. Oh my god. You great. I was spend more then one day do figureout why I have error (axacly like yours). Few day before I was set Styles.xaml as Copy to directory = alway.Now I chaged this to do not copy and magicaly my project compiled for my ipad. Thank you 🙂

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