Maui – archive when getting “doesn’t have a target for ‘net7.0-ios'”

I have been trying to archive Maui for a few hours, always blocked by the error that my supporting project (referenced directly during development) …. doesn’t have a target for ‘net7.0-ios’

Tried all the delete bin, obj folders, restarting (Visual Studio 17.5.5 (build 12) on Mac) and failed.

The obvious solution to this was just to

  • Create another solution+maui project for archiving
  • Create a simple script to build all the supporting projects and copy dlls to a lib folder
  • Replace all project references with a dll-reference in the archiving project (and removing them from the archive solution (as they are not used any more – just to avoid confusion)
  • Archive from the new project.

And voila!

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