TechTalk Today – summary

Today on TechTalk we visited a disucssion on app stores (Play and AppStore), discussing the Google Key Storage and how it affects publishing into the PlayStore – also Covid delays in publishing in the PlayStore while AppStore is responsive as hell.  Geir introduced the 2 apps that were approved into the appstore on Monday, and Gigg.Live.  We looked a bit into the Xamarin code and discussed services and application architectures in Xamarin.  Slightly visited the videos from the Focus on Xamarin .Net conference which we covered last week.

HttpClient.PostAsync disappears and doesn’t return … ?

Found the following (from 2014!!) after banging my head against the wall for 3×4 hours …. in 2 projects.  This explains a lot and I am not sure that all developers are aware of this deadlock? Or am I the only one? 🙂 So back to work!!


Ok, discovered the answer the hard way after 2 days of tracing and breakpointing. In a nutshell, you can’t call an asynchronous method

await asyncmethod2()

from a method that blocks


as it causes a deadlock to occur when method2 attempts to return execution to the caller.


… and so, I decided to refresh my Task thinking with this excellent beginners guide to threading in c#. Good stuff.

Android app publishing in the real world

I have my code in Bitbucket and have been using Microsoft’s AppCenter for analytics and error analysis on my Ios and Android Xamarin app (  Now I have connected bitbucket to AppCenter so I can manually trigger builds based on any commit (or automatically).  The problem is that the AppCenter doesn’t want to build my .aab (Android App Bundle) even thought my .apk works nicely – signing process and everything so I am left with old fashioned steps (note to self):

  1. Release build the .aab locally
  2. Sign using this command (without the -sigalg and -digestalg as the default seems to work for me): Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 15.31.29
  3. Upload the .aab to the PlayStore

Hoping that the AppCenter fixes this soon, I am not getting any clear error messages and Goggling hasn’t helped me much on this issue – so bypassing AppCenter for builds for now as time is of essence to get this in the hands golfers 🙂

Endless problems with Xamarin.Auth on Android

I would guess that in my last 4 weeks of creating the Golf80 app – about third of the time has been spent on 3rd party authentication (Google, Facebook, … ) and most of that time on Google authentication on Android.  A lot of lessons learned and googled.  Most of the examples are pretty thin, and explain the simple parts but leave out detailed explanation of the callback and url interception process.  My favorite explanation (note to self) is probably this one:


IIS7 application pool (apppool) randomly stops!

My IIS 7 service pool was randomly stopping – leaving lots of applications hanging in thin air. Finally I stumbled up on this post

.. where the reply mentions “application pool is crashing more than 5 times in 5 minutes ” … (Rapid Fail Protection – RFP) which I have never heard of before. By comparing service logs and event logs I found a badly programmed service application method which was throwing an Exception where an Exception should not be used. Hitting that method more than 5 times in 5 minutes caused a crash in the service :Þ … saved my day to find the logic behind this misterious behaviour.

You can change the RFP settings – highlight apppool in Inetmgr.exe, select advanced settings task, change Failure Interval and Maximum Failures settings.

Debugging WPF 404 “Bad request” error

I have never had a serious 404 “Bad request” problem before so I went out looking for debugging options. Sure enough I found this ..


And sure enough my error was a classic “The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded.” – but the discovery of the day was the Microsoft Service Trace Viewer which I was seeing for the first time.