IIS7 application pool (apppool) randomly stops!

My IIS 7 service pool was randomly stopping – leaving lots of applications hanging in thin air. Finally I stumbled up on this post


.. where the reply mentions “application pool is crashing more than 5 times in 5 minutes ” … (Rapid Fail Protection – RFP) which I have never heard of before. By comparing service logs and event logs I found a badly programmed service application method which was throwing an Exception where an Exception should not be used. Hitting that method more than 5 times in 5 minutes caused a crash in the service :Þ … saved my day to find the logic behind this misterious behaviour.

You can change the RFP settings – highlight apppool in Inetmgr.exe, select advanced settings task, change Failure Interval and Maximum Failures settings.

One thought on “IIS7 application pool (apppool) randomly stops!

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