Agile software process tools review

Going through my annual review of the software development process tools on the market.  As the world moves to agile I am stunned by the lack of comprehensive tools available.  Maybe everybody is waiting for Microsoft to catch up and don’t dare enter this niche … ?   This is a more of a checklist for me than anything else ….. anyways the four tools on my list this year are:

 VersionOne ( I have been a big fan of VersionOne for quite a while now.  It continues to provides excellent functionality but IMHO it hasn’t taken the big leap forward I have been expecting for the last 4 years.  Still the best tool for iteration planning and tracking on the market

Rally ( Impressive stuff. I will test this one next time I have the chance to test a product management tool in a real project

TargetProcess ( No experience with this one but in its simplicity it looks like a university project (KISS), even thought the functionality seems to be comparable to VersionOne.  After browsing through the demo for a while it seems to have a better test functionality than VersionOne.

Scrum for Team Foundation Server ( MS has been miles away in providing agile process managemenet capabilities by default with the team foundation server.  The scrum plugin is (surpisingly) the only option pushed as an option for extendin the basci TFS functionality.  Looking to install that today and test.

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