Software project management basics

Found a great article by Esther Derby while browsing through SCRUM user groups.  (  The very bare basics of being a software development manager.  Articles of excellence which I have seen too many examples of being absent from people struggling to control software development departments and organization.

  • Decide What To Do and What Not To Do :: Great managers do not just accomplish work, they accomplish the right work.
  • Limit Multitasking :: People lose time as they put away Task A and remember where they were on Task B. It takes time to retrieve and review documents or notes related to the task and to re-create a train of thought
  • Keep People Informed :: People work best when they have the information they need. Great managers share what they know about the task and how the task fits into the goal of the project or organization.
  • Provide Feedback :: People need to know how they are doing at work. Do not assume that people know when they are missing the mark or what they are doing well. Great managers meet one-on-one with people regularly, every week or every other week
  • Develop People :: Great managers know the career and professional aspirations of the people they work with, and they strive to help them meet those goals when they can and help people move on when they cannot.

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